The Environmental Compliance Information for Energy Extraction (ECIEE) Portal is intended to help you comply with environmental regulations that affect the exploration/development, extraction, production and processing of on-shore crude oil and natural gas. The site includes overviews of the regulations and links to more detailed information and other resources that can help this sector operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

This website was developed and is maintained by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences. Funding for this project has been provided by EPA under the National Compliance Assistance Centers program.

EPA Proposes Updates to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Requirements for the Oil and Gas Sector. Revisions to EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program required by President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act would improve accuracy of the sector's reported methane emissions, one of the major drivers of climate change (more information).

EPA Finalizes Oil and Natural Gas Methane Rule. The oil and natural gas industry is the largest industrial source of the potent greenhouse gas methane and smog-forming volatile organic compounds. EPA provides a summary page with links to up-to-date information on current regulatory actions.


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