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This section of the Natural Gas Extraction Portal contains state resources related to environmental regulatory issues surrounding land-based natural gas extraction and production. Click here to view state regulations.


More State Information

Drilling and Waste management Information System. The Drilling Waste Management Information System was developed by Argonne National Laboratory and industry partners. It includes an online resource for technical and regulatory information on practices for managing drilling muds and cuttings, including current practices, state and federal regulations, and guidelines for optimal management practices.

Drilling Waste Management Information System (DWMIS) (Argonne/DOE). Federal and Summary of State Regulations (not updated since 2003/2004).

Earthworks Progressive Oil and Gas Regulations. The Oil and Gas Accountability Project believes that one way to improve oil and gas regulations is to be able to present examples of jurisdictions that have instituted more stringent regulatory requirements. The project asserts that there is no single country, state, county or municipality that has "the best" set of regulations. We have found, however, numerous examples of very strong provisions from across the country, or, in some cases, from jurisdictions outside of the United States.

Energy & Mineral Law Foundation (EMLF). Provides links to state oil and gas resources.

Field Guide to Environmental Compliance for the Oil and Gas Industry (Louisiana). The field guide is an attempt to help industry officials better understand the complexity of environmental regulations and create a better understanding of what regulations are applicable for certain business practices.

FracFocus (maintained by IOGCC and GWPC). Provides links to state oil and gas regulations.

Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC). Provides links to 38 state agencies.

Local Actions Against Fracking. A website maintained by Food and Water Watch provides a list of state and local laws, ordinances and resolutions related to hydraulic fracturing.

Natural Resources Law Center. Provides a summary of federal and state regulations for southwestern states.

New York Summary of State Regulations for Oil and Gas Compared to Other States. Prepared by OTSEGO 2000.

Oklahoma Marginal Wells Commission. Created in 1992, MWC promulgates rules and provides compliance assistance.

Recommended Management Practices For Reducing Oil and Gas Impacts to Wildlife. A compilation of recommendations developed by the North Dakota Petroleum Council and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department for use in reducing oil/gas exploration and production impacts to fish and wildlife resources in North Dakota.

A Review of Shale Gas Regulations by State (RFF). Experts in RFF's Center for Energy Economics and Policy analyzed regulations and surveyed regulators in the 31 states that have significant shale gas reserves or where industry shows interest in shale gas development. The maps in this project show the results of these efforts for approximately 20 important regulatory elements in each state in the continental United States.

State Oil and Natural Gas Regulations Designed to Protect Water Resources. PDF from the U.S.Department of Energy.

STRONGER (State Review of Oil and Gas Environmental Regulations).  STRONGER is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization whose purpose is to assist states in documenting the environmental regulations associated with the exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas.





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